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Becoming a City Host or Drop Off Location

  • How Do I Become a City Host or Drop Off Location?

    Simple. You fill out the request form here.

  • What Is a City Host?

    The Gift of Music was originally started in Victoria BC by Soupa Cafe, This Year We Want To Expand To Multiple Cities.

    A city host is a company who is willing to volunteer to run the gift of music in their city. This means you will be responsible for verifying all of the drop off locations in your city and creating a team of volunteers to help you run your event.
    The city host is responsible for:

    • Creating a team of volunteers
    • Advertising their own event
    • Finding and verifying drop off locations for new and used donations
    • Wrapping gifts and guitars
    • Creating a draw for the gift of music families
    • Bringing the families to your establishment on Dec 24th to gift the instruments and gifts
    • All city hosts are also drop off locations

    You Can Become a Host By Filling In This Form.

  • What is a Drop Off Location

    A drop off location is simply a business which is volunteering to receive musical instruments on behalf of the city host. The drop off location accepts the donations and transports them to the city host.

    You can become a drop off location for your city here.

  • Are City Hosts and Drop Off Locations Verified?

    Yes! Admin staff at the Gift of Music will verify city Hosts using references. Once verified City Hosts will verify drop off locations in the same manner.

  • For a full list of frequently asked questions and answers please see here.