The Gift of Music

  • What Is The Gift of Music

    The Gift of Music is a community event which aims to get new and used instruments to children for the december holiday season, namely december 24th.

    In simplicity it works like this:

    • The community donate their un-used instruments
    • Local Stores offer donated instruments
    • The community fundraise to buy more instruments (Usually at a discount)

    Families Apply To Enter and Are drawn at random based on the number of instruments we have available and they collect their instrument on Dec 24th.

  • Who Operates The Gift of Music

    Soupa Cafe, a Victoria BC Bistro.

    Soupa Cafe started the Gift of Music in 2018, you can read the story here.
    Today we are looking for other cities to join us, if you’d like to become a city host apply here.

  • When I Donate An Instrument Or Money Where Does It Go?

    All Instruments and monetary donations go to the cause. There are no paid positions, the event is entirely community driven.

    All donated money goes towards:

    • Buying New Instruments (Usually At a Great Discount)
    • Buying small gifts so that siblings are not left out
    • buying parts to repair instruments (We’re looking for a repair sponsor)

    Please note:
    All donations must be made at our Just Giving Page.
    We Do Not Accept Cash Donations.

  • Who Can Enter For An Instrument?

  • Who Can Enter For a New or Used Instrument?

    Anyone can enter.

    If You’ve Been Impacted Hard By Covid, If Your Shopping List Is Looking A Little Short This Year For The December Holidays, If Your Child Has Always Dreamt Of An Instrument.. Come And Join Us.

    If You Have Plenty For The Holiday Season, Please Consider Entering A Friend.


    • Must Be Available To Collect Your Instrument From Your City Host or Drop Off Location On Dec 24
    • Must Be Able To Bring Your Child With You
    • You Will Be Asked To Sign a Photo Release Form Though You Can Deny The Request (No Obligation)


    Why Do You Ask Me To Sign a Photo Release Form?
    We like to show the world the pictures of the happy faces of children receiving their gifts, if you’d rather your child was not included that isn’t a problem.
    As we don’t make money from the event the release form free’s The Gift of Music from any royalty payments.

  • How Do I Enter The Gift of Music?

    Simple. Complete the form which you can find here.

  • Can I choose If I get a New Or Used Instrument?

    In short, no. All used instruments are re-strung (or repaired) and will play correctly. You will not receive an instrument which is missing parts, keys or strings or which will be in need of repair. Some instruments may show signs of wear.

  • What Age Groups Can Enter The Gift of Music?

    Generally speaking we are looking for families with children aged up to 16.

  • How Do You Draw The Winners?

    All Entries Are put in to a tumbler and drawn at random, we match the amount of winners with the amount of instruments collected (donated and purchased) in each city.

    All draws are completed by dec 17th and you will be notified by email by dec 20th.

  • How Do We Know If We Have Won?

    We will write you an email and in most cases, also try to reach you by phone by Dec 20th.

  • Volunteering

  • Who Can Volunteer?

    Anyone can volunteer to help the Gift of Music.

  • Am I Making a Commitment?

    Absolutely. We ask that all volunteers carefully consider if they have time to commit. Each city builds a team of volunteers which they rely on to help organise the event. Volunteers should see their role as a second job (be it a few hours a week or more, you can choose) and not as offering a little help here or there.

    If you think you can be a dedicated volunteer apply to the cause here.

  • What Kind of Volunteering Do You Need

    Lots. We need skills ranging from wrapping and buying gifts to programming, co-ordinators, graphic design and much more.

    You can see the full list and apply here.

  • Donations

  • Do Any Of Your Hosts or Drop Off Locations Accept Cash?


    All Monetary Donations Must Be Made Via Our Just Giving Page.
    We Do Not Accept Cash Donations.

  • What Kind of Donations Are You Looking For?

    We are looking for new or used instruments, donations of money and donations of time.
    All Monetary Donations Must Be Made Via Our Just Giving Page.
    We Do Not Accept Cash Donations.

  • What Instruments Can I Donate?

    Any Instrument In overall good condition can be donated, we only ask that you keep instruments to a size that can easily be carried. This means we do not accept instruments such as piano’s or drums.

  • My Instrument Is Broken, Can I Still Donate It?

    Yes. If your instrument requires minor repairs such as needing new strings or a missing key, we will gladly accept it and get it repaired. If your instrument has a major fault like a broken neck on a guitar or any electrical issues, sadly we will not be able to take it.

  • Sponsorship

  • Who Are Your Current Sponsors?
  • Do You Take Monetary or Instrument Gifts From Businesses?

    Absolutely. We welcome all monetary and instrument donations.
    You can donate money here.

    For Instrument donations please find a local drop off location and deliver your instrument.
    If you would like to be listed on our sponsors page, please write us here.

  • How Do I Become a Sponsor Of The Gift of Music?

    To become an official sponsor you must do one of the following:

    • Donate an instrument
    • Donate Money
    • Offer pro-bono services such as repairs or lessons
    • Offer free advertising
    • Offer a Discount On New Instruments

    Ask Us If You Have More Idea’s, We Welcome All Idea’s.

  • Do You List Us On Your Website?

    Absolutely. All Sponsors are listed on our website with details of their sponsorship!

    We will gladly include your sponsorships in our online social media too 🙂

    If you would rather not be listed, that isn’t a problem, just let us know.

  • Becoming a City Host or Drop Off Location

  • How Do I Become a City Host or Drop Off Location?

    Simple. You fill out the request form here.

  • What Is a City Host?

    The Gift of Music was originally started in Victoria BC by Soupa Cafe, This Year We Want To Expand To Multiple Cities.

    A city host is a company who is willing to volunteer to run the gift of music in their city. This means you will be responsible for verifying all of the drop off locations in your city and creating a team of volunteers to help you run your event.
    The city host is responsible for:

    • Creating a team of volunteers
    • Advertising their own event
    • Finding and verifying drop off locations for new and used donations
    • Wrapping gifts and guitars
    • Creating a draw for the gift of music families
    • Bringing the families to your establishment on Dec 24th to gift the instruments and gifts
    • All city hosts are also drop off locations

    You Can Become a Host By Filling In This Form.

  • What is a Drop Off Location

    A drop off location is simply a business which is volunteering to receive musical instruments on behalf of the city host. The drop off location accepts the donations and transports them to the city host.

    You can become a drop off location for your city here.

  • Are City Hosts and Drop Off Locations Verified?

    Yes! Admin staff at the Gift of Music will verify city Hosts using references. Once verified City Hosts will verify drop off locations in the same manner.