Donate a new or used instrument

Be a Hero, Donate An Instrument

If you have an unused instrument which you’d like to donate, THANK YOU..fill in the form below to let us know.

We accept used instruments which can be easily carried and also donations of brand new instruments welcomed.

Thank You For Donating An Instrument Or For Your Corporate Sponsorship

Thank You For Donating An Instrument To The Gift of Music.
This Form Is For Questions Related To Donating An Instrument (Individuals or Businesses) and Corporate Sponsorship, If You Don’t Have a General Question But Do Have An Instrument Please Simply Look For a Donation Drop Off Location In Your City.

Once You Find One Please See Their Drop Off Hours and Visit Them. You Do Not Need To Give Notice.
If You Have a General Question Regarding a Donation, We’d Love To Hear From You.

Sorry, We Are Not Available To Pick Up Used Instruments. If You’re Unable To Deliver Yours Please Consider Asking a Friend To Help|

For more questions please see our FAQ Below:

Example: Victoria, BC, Canada



  • Do Any Of Your Hosts or Drop Off Locations Accept Cash?


    All Monetary Donations Must Be Made Via Our Just Giving Page.
    We Do Not Accept Cash Donations.

  • What Kind of Donations Are You Looking For?

    We are looking for new or used instruments, donations of money and donations of time.
    All Monetary Donations Must Be Made Via Our Just Giving Page.
    We Do Not Accept Cash Donations.

  • What Instruments Can I Donate?

    Any Instrument In overall good condition can be donated, we only ask that you keep instruments to a size that can easily be carried. This means we do not accept instruments such as piano’s or drums.

  • My Instrument Is Broken, Can I Still Donate It?

    Yes. If your instrument requires minor repairs such as needing new strings or a missing key, we will gladly accept it and get it repaired. If your instrument has a major fault like a broken neck on a guitar or any electrical issues, sadly we will not be able to take it.

  • Sponsorship

  • Who Are Your Current Sponsors?
  • Do You Take Monetary or Instrument Gifts From Businesses?

    Absolutely. We welcome all monetary and instrument donations.
    You can donate money here.

    For Instrument donations please find a local drop off location and deliver your instrument.
    If you would like to be listed on our sponsors page, please write us here.

  • How Do I Become a Sponsor Of The Gift of Music?

    To become an official sponsor you must do one of the following:

    • Donate an instrument
    • Donate Money
    • Offer pro-bono services such as repairs or lessons
    • Offer free advertising
    • Offer a Discount On New Instruments

    Ask Us If You Have More Idea’s, We Welcome All Idea’s.

  • Do You List Us On Your Website?

    Absolutely. All Sponsors are listed on our website with details of their sponsorship!

    We will gladly include your sponsorships in our online social media too 🙂

    If you would rather not be listed, that isn’t a problem, just let us know.

  • To see our full FAQ, click here..