The Gift of Music

Who’s Behind The Gift of Music?

The Gift of Music Started in 2018 after we saw a post online advertising a free guitar to someone in need.

The Gift of Music is community driven.
Thank you to everyone has taken part in previous events and will continue to participate in the years to come.

The creators of the event are:
Carly Murray
Avi Lugassy

– Owners of Soupa Cafe, Victoria, BC.

Having been donated an instrument in my early years I slowly decided to learn to play. The guitar I was given had 4 out of 6 strings and I still thought it was the coolest thing ever.
With some help from a friend, we re-strung the guitar and I learned a really simple “Green Day” introduction, I was hooked.

What’s The Importance?

The Gift of Music is important to us because we know first hand how many years of pure joy an instrument can bring. For example, my first ever guitar which was donated to me; has traveled all across Europe, SE Asia, South America, The USA and Canada.

That guitar went on to be donated to a local therapy centre in Victoria BC called Tanlo Life Services who also operate Tanlo Floristry – All proceeds help veterans and first responders.

TANLO closed and that guitar went on to become therapy in it’s own right to help the owner get through a difficult time in their own life.. and on it goes.


DEC 24th 2022

Why You Should Get Involved?

No matter the background every one can appreciate that music is a universal language, spoken around the globe. That’s why we believe every child should have the opportunity to learn their second language.

We can tell you first hand that the Gift of Music has changed the lives of many children already and that each child only gets out of the event what you and those in our community put in to it.


Each City Has Their Own Host

5 Guitars Gifted


35+ Instruments Gifted


100+ Instruments Gifted


Getting Children Without Much An Instrument This Holiday Season

The Gift of Music will deeply impact the lives of the children who receive their instrument.

Please consider:
Donating an instrument or money
Volunteering With Us
Becoming a corporate sponsor

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