2021 Gift of Music

We have now stopped accepting instruments for Christmas 2021. Thank you all, incredible effort.

Current Update:
71 New & Used Instruments Donated from our community
17 Brand New Guitars Purchased from donations
10 Ukulele’s donated by Long and McQuade
1 Midi Controller donated by Long and McQuade
1 Violin to Make a Christmas from Tapestry Music
$3,550 Raised of $3000 – Thank you!!

Total playable instruments – 100!

Every single action during the campaign has been significant, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You’re truly an incredible community, you should all be so proud of yourselves!

Special Mentions who donated $500 of value or higher:
Justos Craft Dips
Island Digital Marketing
Floyds Diner
JMAA Architecture

Thank you everyone we have SMASHED our target.
Target: 50 New & Used Instruments For Families Without Much.
Result: 100 Playable Instruments
Last Updated: Saturday Dec 18th 3:40pm

We had 60 Confirmed Families from the draw and more families signing up on a first come basis as we type!! Today 30 families are visiting Soupa Cafe for a big bowl of soup, Christmas presents and of course their main gift, The Gift of Music. Thank you all so so much. From the bottom of our hearts thank you!
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